Key documents

BSW CCG Constitution - this explains how we are governed and how decisions are made.

BSW CCG Scheme of Reservations- lays out the powers that are reserved to the Board and delegates powers to appropriate colleagues. It is closely linked with the Constitution but not part of it.

  Standards of Business Conduct Policy - lays out the CCG's expectations regarding standards of business conduct, including the management of conflicts of interest. Together with the CCG’s Constitution and Standing Orders, the anti-fraud, bribery and corruption policy, and the freedom to speak up policy, the standards of business conduct policy forms the framework for good business conduct.

BSW CCG Governance Handbook- this includes how we are governed, how decisions are made, and who makes the decisions. It also signposts the key committees’ terms of reference, corporate policies, and key points of contact for any issues or queries about the CCG’s governance. 

BSW CCG Standing Financial Instructions - sets out how the CCG is governed and how decisions are made (and by who), and signposts key committees’ Terms of Referencesponsibilities, policies and procedures to be adopted by the CCG. 

BSW Commissioning Alliance Priorities - This handbook sets out priorities for CCG colleagues for 2019/20