Bath and North East Somerset

Across Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES), 211,000 people are registered with one of 22 GP practices.

The B&NES area is less ethnically diverse than the UK as a whole, with 90 per cent of local residents defining their ethnicity as White British.

There is a significantly higher proportion of residents aged 20-24 than there is nationally, which can be attributed to the high student population.

The overall population of B&NES is expected to increase to nearly 200,000 by 2024, an increase of 11 per cent from 2014. The B&NES local housing strategy is expected to create an additional 13,000 homes by 2029 and will increase the local population by 16 per cent.

Population projections suggest there will be large increases in the number of older people in B&NES. For example, by 2029 the number of over 75s in the population is projected to increase by 36 per cent (approximately 6,000 people) compared with 2016.

There are significant variations in life expectancy related to socio-economic inequality.  For someone living in the most deprived area of B&NES, they can expect to die at a younger age than someone in the most affluent area of B&NES (9.2 years for men and 5.2 years for women).


Working with Bath and North East Somerset Council

We work closely with B&NES Council to plan, commission (buy) and deliver local health and care services together. Find out more here.

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Annual Reports

The historic Annual Reports, which details the progress the CCG made in each financial year, can be found here.

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