Join a Patient Participation Group at your local GP surgery

Every GP Practice is required to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG).

The role of a PPG includes:

  • Being a critical friend to the Practice.
  • Advising the Practice from a patient perspective and providing insight into patient experience.
  • Encouraging patients to take greater personal responsibility for their health and encouraging their families to do the same.
  • Researching the views of those who use the Practice.
  • Organising health promotion events and improving health literacy.
  • Regular communication with patients.
  • Running volunteer services and support groups to meet local needs.
  • Influencing the Practice and wider NHS to ihelp improve commissioning.
  • Collaborate with other PPGs to influence broader issues and share ideas.

The National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP) - promotes and supports patient participation in primary care.

Want to be involved with your Practice?

Visit your Practice’s website, or ask at reception to find out how you can play your part.