Covid-19 case numbers

This data will be updated weekly. Please note that the data we publish has a timelag so will be a few days out of date by the time of publication. You can also find daily-updated information on the Public Health England website.

Data correct on 28 January. Data source:

BSW-wide data

Updated: 31 March

  • Total number of people with a positive COVID-19 test in the most recent 7-day period = 326
  • Daily COVID-19 cases (number of people with at least one positive test result, by specimen date) = 50
  • Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in hospitals (Bath's Royal United Hospital, Swindon's Great Western Hospital and Salisbury Hospital) at 8am = 23
  • Total deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test (cumulative) = 1133

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