Urgent eye care

People across Bath, North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire can access free NHS treatment for urgent eye care from their local optician.

The brand new service means that high-street opticians can offer free treatment advice and management for urgent eye conditions such as a red or painful eye or a sudden change in vision. 

Anyone, whatever age and whether registered with an optician or not, can access treatment for any new or worsening urgent eye conditions.  

This is a temporary service set up as a result of concerns that many patients were not seeking treatment for eye conditions due to worries about exposing themselves to COVID-19 by visiting A&E departments or their GP.

A full list of those opticians who are offering this new service is available on the Primary Eyecare website under 'Find a practice'. Please enter your postcode for the most accurate response.

Alternatively, here is a  full list of opticians in Bath and North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. 

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